Inauguration of an Emperor

Now it’s official, the world has to face the second term of George Wiedergaenger Bush as American president. And even though it wasn’t the world that elected him, he is determined to continue to spread terror and devastation around the globe, just to prove the US’s strive for world domination.

The inauguration ceremony was worthy for a Cesar, 40 million $ to celebrate the glory of the Bush dynasty. And that doesn’t take the money spend on security into account. Since GWB declared war on the rest of the world security needs to be improved in the homeland. Terror breeds terror, a simple fact that every Israeli knows for decades, and even though it will remain a mystery who was responsible for the 911 attacks, terror might happen again in the US.

The emperor won the election, not as convincing as Saddam Hussein, the result looked like you would expect it in a socalled democracy. It’s just that civilised nations aren’t really supposed to bomb civilisations back to the Stone Age just because they can. Nor would you consider systematic use of torture to be an acceptable way to treat any human being.

And again, one question remains: How blatant must the US act, before the rest of world stands up to this greedy giant? Will the world community just stand and stare when America starts using nukes again to kill innocent people? The Roman Empire survived quite long, it is a horrifying thought to live in a time when every nation gets forcefully americanised.

Let us shortly summarise some of GWBs achievements as president. Just a few months after being in the Oval Office, he provokes the Chinese by sending spy planes over their territory. Luckily the Chines Giant is calm and way too big for Georgies appetite.

Yet his craving for blood of innocent people could not be stopped. On september 11th 2001 two planes crashed into the World Trade Center in New York, something hit the pentagon and some debris lands in Pennsylvania. The towers collapse, and GWB uses this uniquely coordinated terror scenario to start his crusade against the muslim world.

Even though most of the alleged hijackers were Saudi-Arabian, Afghanistan gets invaded and devastated. Nobody remembers the mass-executions and mass-graves in Dasht-e-Leili – all that happened in a liberated part of Afghanistan, with at least some American soldiers just watching it happen.

Instead of one unjust government the Afghanis now suffer from the chaos that arose after the removal of the Taliban. Warlords control most territories, united in the hatred against each other and of course the foreign military that’s still there.

Before Americas inability considering nationbuilding became apparent, the US government suggested that Saddam Hussein would have a threating arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, a purt (art)work of fiction. To make things worse, Hussein got linked to the alleged mastermind of the 911 attacks, Bin Laden. But the secular leader of Irak and the fundamentalist Wahabit Bin Laden simply don’t like each other.

Most of the world simply didn’t buy this cheap lies, and so the US government did its best to render the UN to a tolerated, but useless instution. In order to control at least the internal opposition better, Patriot 1 and 2 abolished very basic civil rights and empowered the secret services to an extend that could make the Gestapo envious. The investigations of 911 were more than sloppy, delayed unnecessarily and lacked any convincing prove for its conclusions.

The world wide opposition to a military intervention could just delay it, but never ever close to prevent it. PNAC’s long term vision for the US to be the implicit ruler of world incorporated the plan to gain control over precious oil resources, and Irak even dared to sell its oil in Euro instead of the old greenback. The invasion of Irak began in February 2003, and as this region is closer to Europe, we got a better impression of the terror and devastion this useless war has spread.

And though the reborn fundamentalist christian leader of the US declared the war to be over on the first of May, nobody cared too much. Bagdad was captured, and Saddam Hussein was caught, but the resistance against the invaders hasn’t stopped yet. Car bombs, snipers, ambushes, uncontrollable criminals, and overly nervous soldiers turn survival into a game of chance. Whoever dares to the see ugly face of war might have a look at Crisis Pictures. Have a look at the incident from the 19th January 2005, that happened in Tal Afar.

About a year after the invasion started, it became obvious that Abu Ghraib remained a place of torture and humiliation. Soldiers posed proudly with their victims, the fighters for freedom and democracy perverting these ideals. That’s not too surprising, as the US has created their own torture prison in Guantanamo Bay, outside the reach of any sort of legislation.

And now Mr. Bush Junior wants to spread his misunderstanding of freedom and democracy throughout the entire world! It seems like his Coup d’Etat was so successful that nobody seems to bother other nations to be invaded and looted from porno españa.

I’m too young to really judge how long it took the world to decide that someone belligerent like Hitler had to be stopped. It is surely a bad sign that Terrorist No 1, George W Bush, can’t even be controlled by the congress. Just another prove of the fact, that the US is a republic, but not a democracy, by its own porno españa constitution.

Hall of fame or hall of shame

I don’t know how I managed raise unwanted attention, and thus creating a strange feedback. This summer in the norther hemisphere I noticed that the first Nullinator site wasn’t accessable in some internet cafes in Germany. I don’t know how this site ended up there, and if this also implies that probably government authorities have an eye on the site as well.

As I’m playing around yet again with Antville, a very well done blogging engine, I stumbled across Interested in probably some more random hits I tried to register the current Nullinator site. The reply I got was:

This URL is currently blacklisted, meaning it cannot be added to the system for active trading. The site was delisted 09:54 15 Aug 2003. If you believe this is in error, please contact us for assistance.

Even though I was silent lately (my gratulation to Mr. Bush’s reelection vanished a day before the event in a digital nirvana…) it seems like I’m propagating unwanted thoughts. So maybe I should not be too surprised that the makers of Antville never linked to my sites as well. Something in here seems not to be safe to be linked to. Strange. Are we yet in a world, where even the world wide web loses its islands of free speech? Will non system conform sites be excluded from the randomness of search engines, to make it is easier to identify the surrounding terrorist circle?

The world is still diseased with war, and it’s greedy promoters continue their bloody game of global chess. I wonder if there is any more political opposition left to the biggest threat to world peace in the 21st century – the US of A with its reborn christian fundamentalist leader.

And in order to revive the legend of POTUS, his archenemy Osama Bin Laden made a media appearance. It is somehow scary that it’s the US secret services that proof the authenticity of mysteriously appearing tapes, videos and webpages. I wonder sometimes how you can high class medical attention to treat sick kidneys yet be unseen by the watching eye of America.

1001 knights

Once upon a time, on a massive aircraft carrier, there was a man, considered to be the head of his state, dressed in an impressive uniform, smiling, confident, who had a message for his brave soldiers: Mission accomplished.

The POTUS, that’s his mystical name, was mistaken, though. The conquered people never surrendered, and day by day POTUS brave knights were slaughtered, attacked, injured, yet never seen as liberators. And it didn’t help that they themselves bombed the living shit out of entire cities, tortured happily anyone vaguely suspicious or shot into demonstrations.

The invaded people simply didn’t see POTUS great wisdom, his vision for their home country was not shared, and even though at least 5 of them died whenever they managed kill one of confederates, they didn’t cheer to the thief of their resources.

Over time, the resistance had to change its strategy. Instead of hoping that a suicide attack might find justified targets, enemies were captured to be beheaded in front of cameras. They adapted their enemies idea to use propaganda to create their desired reality. Nevertheless, so far both sides failed to provide an overall convincing performance doing this.

The POTUS didn’t like the situation too much. For one thing, it was proven that none of the reasons given to go to war was substanciated. And even though the official count of losses in the hands of his adminstrations, there was the time when more than a 1000 knights were killed. That was not good, and reminded his people of the dark times when their crusade took place in South-East Asia.

But death is none of the concern of a character like POTUS, his challenge is called reelection. The situation of his current crusade is unpleasant, yet managable by the means of propaganda. There will be some special magic involved when it comes to the reelection. But he, who is responsible for death and terror cannot live happily ever after.