6 Things You Can Do to Support Global Refugees

Imagine if you didn’t know what you will eat tomorrow, what you will do, and even whether you will have a roof over your head or not. Facing an uncertain future is not new to refugees. When a million refugees appeared in Europe earlier in the year, the world started taking notice. Fortunately, lending a helping hand to them is easier than you would imagine. Here is how:

1. Donate money

It is the most natural approach to helping a global refugee. The money you give is used to buy food, medicine, water, and other things that displaced people require getting through the tough days. All you need is to settle for a reputable charitable organisation that will use the money well. If the help lands on a corrupt man’s lap, you will not achieve the intended purpose.

2. Obtain a full-time scholarship for a refugee

Scholarships are not only a quick way to stability for young refugees, but they also help in securing their future. When you give them a full time scholarship, you anchor the student to a college xnxx. Therefore, they won’t be forced out by an immigration officer or be victimised by an abrupt policy change. Later, the education the young refugee earns will allow them a good job that can assist them in supporting their families.

3. Give a refugee a job

As the adage goes, don’t give a man fish, but rather teach them how to fish and they will feed many generations. While it is a good idea to give money as it solves immediate problems, providing a refugee, a job will go a long way. Check your country’s laws and establish the kind of positions that you can delegate to a refugee. Most don’t allow them to work on a full-time basis, implying that they can only do odd jobs.

4. Donate your skills

If you are trained in any profession, you can use it to help out refugees. For instance, refugees are always in need of lawyers and doctors to navigate the harsh immigration law and to offer the much needed medical care. If you work in the food industry, consider how you can donate some foodstuffs to refugee camps. Whichever your skill, use it for the good of a brother or a sister in the cold.

5. Promote refugee-owned businesses

If there is a newly-settled refugee in your estate that has opened a shop, be the first one to buy from it. Talk to your neighbours and convince them to get on board. By so doing, you will help welcome the refugee and his family into your community.

6. Open up your home

Non-governmental organisations and other charity institutions are unable to keep up with the massive demand for accommodation. Since they require a safe and comfortable place to stay before the sort out the legal issues, why not offer them your home? That spare room doesn’t have to serve as a store, yet someone is homeless. You will be surprised at how much you will learn from the refugees when you stay with them.